What I Keep In My Nightstand

My favorite question is, “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?” My answer is always, MY BED! I love my bedroom. I love my bed. I love relaxing. Granted some days are stressful but that’s why having the perfect bedroom is key to finding balance at the end of each day. As you know, I recently moved and having been cleaning/organizing every nook of my house. I found that I really needed to focus on my nightstand. Yup, just my nightstand. I wanted it to be perfectly curated for my self care routine and falling asleep. There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed 5 times before you can actually fully relax. I like to have everything right where I need it.

Side note: My biggest tip for your bedroom is to keep it as simple as possible. If you’ve seen my house, you know I have tons of art and fun decor. But the bedroom, is it’s own clean space. You want to be able to lay in bed and not have anything in your eye sight to distract you. (That sounds dramatic but it works). It needs to be the most serene place in your home.So then, your nightstand is the only place you’ll need to grab anything from and everything else stays perfectly clean and calm.


What I learned from a professional organizer totally changed my nightstand vibe. She said, “Everything you have is wide open.” Basically I had two nightstands with two shelves and everything on them was out in the open. I had product everywhere. (This is a good general tip as well that I found I had to consider in every room). When I moved, I purposely bought new nightstands with drawers. It’s a game changer. Of course you still want to keep everything organized inside, but it’s so nice not having everything you own out. The key is to simply get storage that hides things away throughout your home. So I highly recommend a nightstand with at least one drawer to store some of your stuff.


Now that you have your nightstand with at least one drawer, grab a few acrylic compartments to divide your stuff up. It makes it so much nicer inside and helps you know exactly where to grab your products or whatever you need. Don’t just throw everything in a drawer! You’ve already come this far!!

Charging station:

If you’re like me you have at least two Apple products. I have to charge my phone, my ear pods, and my Apple Watch. That’s a lot of chords and not a lot of fun. I recommend a charging station to make all this plugging in faster and prettier. It sounds simple but I cannot tell you how many times I haven’t charged my watch and been pissed the next day because the charger was in the wrong place! This is boss bitch status, charged up and ready to go.


Now onto the fun stuff. I have a few products that I need by my bedside. From wellness to beauty to just ambiance. I always have a candle but I don’t light it every day. I like the look of it and sometimes just use my diffuser. I love the diffuser because you can put it on right before you sleep. Set it on the edge of your nightstand and breathe in the essential oils! Whereas you obviously can’t leave a candle lit, don’t have to tell you that.

I love my new slip silk products as well. There’s nothing better than feeling glamorous while going to bed. LOL. I’m obsessed with their new pillow spray and I spray it every night before I go to bed. The roller ball is great for personal use as well. Their sleep mask is my favorite because it’s so comfortable and I can actually sleep with it all night.

After I’m done spritzing and essential oiling-ing (that should be a wellness adjective), I take my medicine. I talk all my meds at night because the morning is too chaotic for me. I keep everything organized in a pill box so I don’t have to think and don’t forget a night. I always keep water next to the bed for my meds and just in case. Then once I’m done, I put on a lip mask since I know I don’t need anymore water and it can really soak in. I have super dry lips and the Laneige Sleeping mask is life changing.

A way for me to unplug is either to do a beauty trick or the Five Minute Journal. If you’ve never tried the Five Minute Journal I suggest you run not walk. It is truly incredible. It is so fast and so easy but you are filled with immense gratitude and positivity. Sometimes if I want to watch TV right away I’ll do a facial massage in bed before I actually call it night. Who has time to do a facial massage at any other time?! It’s genius multitasking if I do say so myself. Which is why I keep beauty tools next to my bed not in the bathroom. *pats self on the back*

What’s in your nightstand? Is it time for a clean out and reorganization session?! Get on it girl!

Sleep tight! Love,

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  1. Thank you Lauren for sharing your own experience about the nightstand. I have leaned some tricks from your article. I am new to your site but I am so exited to be here.

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