Hangover Hacks

I’m about to turn 25 in just a couple of months and let me tell you about the only thing that matters in your 20’s: YOUR NEW HANGOVERS! Yup! I don’t know about YOU, but every year of my 20’s comes with a drastically worse hangover. Don’t even THINK about telling me to cut back on my wine because that is simply not happening. So instead, as we grow OLD, let’s focus on hangover HACKS. I’ve found a ton of products that make the day after even just a couple glasses of wine more bearable. I don’t encourage binge drinking let’s all calm down, literally after just a normal couple glasses in your 20’s, you get HUNGOVER. So here are my go to remedies you guys can try.

These are my three best friends, everyone say “Hi!!!” I understand that you can just drink a ton of water but have you ever actually laid on your hangover death bed before?! Trust me, you’re going to want these ASAP. The Liquid IV is great for just multiplying your hydration. Pedialyte is the oldest trick in the book because it WORKS. I love the new formula that doesn’t make you feel like you’re drinking a baby product. It’s simply in these little pouches you put in a water bottle and boom, you’re full of hydration and electrolytes. I love this mushroom lemonade mix (don’t worry it just tastes like lemonade) because it has charcoal. Charcoal actually takes out all the toxins in your stomach so it’s necessary to cleanse that alcohol out.

Now sometimes you just feel like sh!t and that’s when tea and a bath are the only things necessary and well, the only things that you’re capable of doing. Lemon Ginger tea is going to actually soothe your upset stomach while these bath salts not only calm you down but penetrate your skin with the correct essential oils for a hangover. Peppermint oil helps with headaches and rosemary increases blood flow to make you alert again and can remove toxins.

Now that you’re an adult, life doesn’t stop for a hangover. I’m sure you have somewhere to go and currently look like you got punched in the face. Cute. ICE ICE BABY let’s go! Depuff your face with these magical products. The cold massage roller ball is going to depuff and push those toxins out of your face through massage. If you’re too lazy like me, throw on the cold clay mask fresh out of the freezer. Our eyes are special and these new Milk cooling eye patches are perfect to throw in the freezer and throw on while you get ready to go.

I love my supplements and these are key for hangovers. HUM has two amazing supplements that help me the next morning. Flatter Me is going to help you digest the night before and remove bloat while Wing Man is going to help your poor liver and the look of exhaustion on your face. If your stomach is super upset and you need a great cleanse, bone broth is key. It’s one of my main flat tummy hacks in general but is especially good for an easy hangover broth. See my Detox Chicken Soup recipe on the blog if you’re feeling up to more than just magical broth. (modify the recipe for adding scoops of the Vital Proteins supplement and use all chicken broth).

My latest obsession is CBD and Hangover Patches. The BYTOX Hangover patches SERIOUSLY work. I put them on before drinking and feel amazing. They penetrate your skin with vitamins almost like an IV patch. I used them all festival season to keep me alive and here I am!! I love CBD because when I’m hungover I can feel not only a little sick but super anxious. CBD relaxes your entire body making that physical anxiety subside as well. These products are easy to get if you don’t live somewhere like LA (lol).

And for my beauty lovers, the two best hangover packaged must haves. The Too Faced primer is extra hydrating and fresh to give you the appearance of a full nights rest which you probably didn’t have. I don’t wear a ton of makeup but I’ll still put this on for a fresh faced glow. Skyn Iceland totally gets it when it comes to stressed out skin and hangovers. This kit is literally everything you need to come back to life and I LOVE their products.

What do you do after a hangover? Any go to tricks?! Let me know!


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