I’m writing this now because I am craving my detox chicken soup that I finally perfected and am ready to blow your minds with! Now that I think of it, writing about it right now is actually torture because I want it so bad LOL. I’m currently trying a detox meal plan (do you want to see a post?!) So I’m not cooking this week!

Soup might be my new favorite thing to cook! I went on the hunt for a detox chicken soup recipe and couldn’t find one I totally loved. So I took a few and modified them until they were perfect in my eyes. If you can’t tell, I like jam packing as many things into a meal as I can. For example, my crazy green smoothie and now this soup.

The benefits of this soup are amazing. Chicken soup is always great for when you’re getting sick, but I added things like bone broth, kale, apple cider vinegar, lemon, turmeric…. to make your average chicken soup a wellness dream. There’s flat tummy benefits, digestive aids, antioxidants! It’sIt’s super easy to make and all in one pot of course. Print out the recipe card and feel free to modify!

I recommend buying a plain Rotisserie Chicken and using the white meat mostly from the breasts. I like a lot of chicken so I get as much as I can. You can add as much or as little apple cider vinegar and lemon as you like. Same with the kale. It’s very easy to modify this to how you like it! It takes a couple tries and I definitely use a lot of Himalayan Salt but I don’t feel guilty since I can see exactly what I’m putting in my body. You can keep all your leftovers for lunch and dinner for the rest of the week as well! If you don’t eat meat, I recommend subbing chicken for chick peas!

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    from which brand do you buy your chlorophyll? loved the video!! X

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    I’m so excited to try this!! I’m trying to nourish my body better, so I’d be grateful if you shared more recipes that you love as you find them. Hope you’re having a beautiful day!

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    YESS lauren, YESS!! thank you for blessing me with this! can’t wait to try it out, i’m sure it will come in handy!
    love all that you do, keep it up girl!!

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    Dominika nova

    Thanks so much for sharing babe!! I will def be making this one.

    xx Dominika

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    Julia M

    How much of each spice? I really want to TRY this!!!

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