What’s In My Super Green Smoothie

I prefer making my smoothies at home so I can jam pack them with all of my powders and potions. I have so many different superfoods and add on’s that a smoothie is the perfect way to get them in my every day diet. And you can’t even taste the difference!

I’m currently loving all things GREEN and DETOX related. I travel so much and get so busy that I become obsessed with packing in green nutrients and beneficial detox add on’s to my diet. I never really follow a recipe, I just make sure I know the benefits of each ingredient to align them with my goals.

For the sake of this post, I’m going to break down what I’ve been putting in my smoothie so you can try it at home too! By no means do you need ALL of this in your smoothie. You can easily pick and choose based on things you like or feel you need.

I start with a base of coconut water for lightness and hydration. I add my frozen fruits to get it thick and cold. Then add in all the crazy stuff!

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I love this deep green powder! It’s so easy to add into anything green aka a latte or a smoothie! This superfood is great for a gentle heavy metal detox, boosting your energy, making your skin look younger, and supporting fat loss. It is 10% Chlorophyl and 50% protein so this algae contains essential fatty acids.

One of my favorite brands for super powders is Vital Proteins. They make the most incredible collagen supplements. I have been obsessed with their Collagen Beauty Greens because it’s the perfect double whamy. You get their amazing collagen AND green benefits! 

A great source of HEALTHY fat. Super rich in antioxidants and fiber. Adding flax seeds helps weight loss and supports digestive health. Make sure to grind your flax seed or buy ground flax seed to get maximum nutrients!

Think happy pill. This supplement is known to elevate your mood and senses. It soothes your nervous system and helps your overall well being.


The queen healer in Chinese medicine! Known for it’s legendary immune system boosting qualities. The herb is also used to protect against both mental and physical stress. This anti-inflammatory is great for energy, skin health, digestion, and metabolism boosting.

This is another total package powder containing everything you need to detox. I grabbed mine at Whole Foods when I wanted to make sure I was getting every green possible in my smoothie. I love throwing fresh kale and spinach in mine but, adding a powder with every superfood you need is the best feeling. The powder I use is specific for cleansing and removing toxins for your body so I love getting all those detox benefits. 

Such a simple but powerful little potion. Pearl dust is popular in the wellness world for it’s beauty benefits. It’s anti-aging and high in antioxidants. Perfect that hair, skin, and nail strength while promoting even skin tone and collagen. 


Do you think I’m crazy yet?! I swear I jam pack my simple smoothies with all these goodies and they still taste totally normal! Such a great way to get your nutrients in a tasty treat! What is your go to powder?! Comment below!





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  1. Loveee! i’m super into this kind of stuff too and omg you should check out colostrum ld from sovereign laboratories!! the reviews are legit like miracle stories

  2. I love using maca powder! Its a little sweet so some people find it tricky to use, but i puT in my sweet smoothies and my oatmeaL? Love you, you are awesome ??

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