September Reading List

Let’s not even talk about the fact that it’s already September. The good thing, however, is with every new month comes a new reading list! I kept this one short and sweet with some self-care nuggets inspired by my podcast!

Absolutely LOVED this book! A ton of you guys recommended it to me and I finally picked it up and truly couldn’t put it down. It was so entertaining I kept forgetting it was her real life! I also loved how much I was learning about psychology. I highly recommend this book to everyone no matter how interested you are in therapy or not because it’s that good!

Next on my list is The Comeback! My friends are reading this for their book club and I thought it looked so good! It’s a new highly anticipated release for the summer and an empowering, behind-the-scenes novel of a young Hollywood actress and the dark secret she’s ready to confront.” 

Another highly anticipated new release that hit stands just a few days ago! Do I really have to keep explaining that I love drama? One of The First Lady’s oldest friends (with an impressive resume I might add) tells her entire story from the rise to the fall of her friendship in The White House. *juicy*! 

A current mood booster from my podcast! This book is a daily challenge to shift your mindset and fill it with gratitude! I started realizing that I was living in the problem, not the solution. This has been a helpful tool in my daily life to fill it with more positivity and gratitude. Highly recommend and we go into a new season!

I had heard a lot about Stoicism but honestly didn’t know too much. So I bought the daily guide and it’s super simple but so powerful. I love reading it each day in combination with my daily gratitude practice. It offers a peaceful moment and provokes meaningful reflection that I can journal about later. I also love sending photos of my daily pages to friends!

When you’ve read EVERY thriller you have to start digging for more. I love going to the bookstore just to browse and then I take photos so I can put them on these lists for you guys! I saw this in the new release section and it looks really good! I love a quick page-turner especially when there’s NOTHING to watch on TV anymore!!


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