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WHUSSUP GIRL BOSSES! Or should I just say bosses? Are we too feminist now to say girl boss? Unclear, let me know, sticking it to it though. I wanted to start focusing on some business, girl boss, entrepreneur content for you guys on the blog. We’re so lucky we live in a time where we can truly do anything we set our minds to. I feel so fortunate every day that I love what I do and that I get to be my own BOSS. So to kick it off, let’s start with some girl boss essentials. It’s all about organization, time management, working smarter not harder, and balance. Physically implementing positive work tools into your life is key. Here are some of my must haves.


This seems like a no brainer, but in 2019 we’re glued to our phones so it’s a good reminder to actually WRITE STUFF DOWN. Sticking to a schedule can be tough for some people so actually customizing a planner or finding a guided journal can help you begin a more organized lifestyle. I find that I have a few different planners. I like having a blank one for lists and ideas. That way I never forget anything and can also physically cross something off my list when it’s done. Making charts, lists, buckets of goals, is an amazing way to get everything physically out into the universe. It also gives you a moment to disconnect from your phone and really focus on your work.

Business Cards:

You might think, well ‘I’ll just type my Instagram handle in on someone’s phone if they need it’. Or, “I’ll just give you my number.” Both of those things are fine. But you never know what situation you’re going to be in when networking. I can easily think of a time when I just wanted someone to hand me their card quickly and they didn’t have one on hand. What’s worse is when someone asks you for your card and you don’t have one. It’s not just about getting someone your contact info, it’s branding 101. Handing a physical card shows you mean business and have a business. It also gives you confidence in any situation that you are prepared to network and have the right tools. I recently designed a new business card on VistaPrint and put them in every purse so I’m always prepared.


Let’s be honest, work is exhausting. Finding your preferred liquid is a must. I truly don’t know how there are adults out there that don’t consume caffeine (serial killers? probably). I like to switch it up with supplements as well. This way your taking care of your body for the long haul and not burning out. It’s so easy to work our asses off and crash later. So actually take time to find a routine that creates longevity. Don’t wear yourself thin. If it’s vitamins, water, and coffee – boom there’s your routine. I love brain dust because it helps me focus naturally and I love a reusable cup to refill with water so I don’t let coffee dehydrate me.


Journals are great BUT reminders are also important. I like using other tools like rip off lists and sticky notes for more on the go thinking. It’s nicer when your journal is organized, and if you have a quick thought or need to remember to call someone, just sticky note it. It’s also easy for me if I need to put it in the kitchen, on the door, or hand to my assistant to remember those quick thoughts

Work bag:

Is it just me or is it hard to find a work bag? I’m constantly switching bags to make everything fit. Having a go to work bag is something that has helped me on those days where I don’t know exactly what time I’ll be home. There’s nothing worse than having 45 minutes in between meetings and wishing you had your iPad or journal. Dedicate one handbag or backpack to business. Organize it and make sure everything you need is in there (everything I mentioned!) and you’ll get more work done no matter where you are. Girl bosses never stop.

Next week we’ll talk technology, I’m going to share my favorite apps for work that keep me organized and creative. Share in the Facebook group your favorite products in the meantime!


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