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Fitness has become a huge part of my life whether I hate it or love it. I’m not going to sit here and say, “I LOVE FITNESS OMG WORKING OUT IS MY LIFE!” Because well, I’m a lazy b*tch at heart. BUT! Nonetheless I have found what works for me.

I’d much rather be fit and strong than lazy. Life is too short. Seriously! One day we’ll all be playing cards in a retirement home together ya know?! I love sweating and have found a routine that works for ME! I will say, all those fitness freaks are RIGHT. It makes you feel GOOD. Waking up and getting my work out done IS the best way to start my day. I like to stick to a Monday – Friday fitness kick. I definitely enjoy my sleep and weekends off. Resting and listening to your body is important too!

So everyday I work out I have some major essentials that not only are good for me but make it more fun to be a fitness freak.

Every morning, I put my Apple Watch on and head downstairs to grab a Celsius. I stopped drinking coffee in the morning because I’ve been addicted to this drink for years now. It’s a “healthy” version of an energy drink. It is sold at a ton of the gyms I go to and I Amazon it to my house so I can get it in my system before my work out. I drink the regular Celsius everyday, and the Celsius HEAT before a work out since it’s way more intense. I’ve never been one to drink energy drinks because they don’t work on me, but these taste amazing and really WORK. I always am pushing the Apple Watch because it truly makes me the best version of myself. It pushes me to hit my health goals and keeps me on top of my work emails/texts.

I usually go to Hot Pilates and we don’t wear shoes in class, so I have my go to work out slides that are super comfy and easy to throw on before running out of the house. If I’m going on a hike or walk, I’ll throw on my cute sneakers. I love APL not just because they’re trendy, but SO freaking comfortable. Another favorite supplement of mine has been Skinny Bird by HUM. I’ll take this if I’m traveling and need something to keep me in check. It gives me healthy energy, a mood booster, and a metabolism boost.

I don’t bring much to the gym besides water, hair ties, and wipes. I love the gallon water bottle because you’re set for the day. There’s no way you can forget to drink water with this guy. I love how it has markings on it so you can physically see yourself accomplishing the goal. Definitely start in the morning because you’ll make a big dent in it during your work out! I always use silk hair ties because I simply can’t wash my hair every day. The silk hair ties don’t crease my hair which makes my life so much easier. Also they’re just much better for your hair in general. A tight pony tail is NOT going to treat your hair nicely in the long run. And after I sweat I feel DISGUSTING! I love face and body wipes to immediately get all the germs from class off of me. I usually run to the store after I leave and I don’t want all that sweat sitting on me so it’s nice to have these in the car.

Having great work out clothes is a game changer. When they’re this good, you just live in them. I finally found my favorite Alo pieces that I can’t live without. Their Airbrush high waisted leggings are the BEST. They’re smooth, don’t stretch out, and breathe. Not like cotton where you get lint and dog hair on them. They hug your body perfectly. I also love their bras more than anything. They are bras that aren’t too “sporty”. I can throw on a t-shirt over them and they feel like a normal day time bra with extra support. Simply the best. I love the materials and they last forever.

What are your work out essentials? Stay tuned for more on my actual work outs!


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  1. Do you use your milanese gold loop band for the apple watch to workout? Or do you switch it to a sports band?

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