Summer Trends: Smocked Tops

In my mind, it’s officially summer. Granted I live in LA so I have no idea what the weather is like in the rest of the world but I am officially declaring it summer for all! So get with it! I decided to put together five summer blog posts of my favorite fashion trends. First up…

We have smocked tops. I noticed this style of fabric coming back on trend when a lot of the 90’s fashion trends were creeping back. A ton of brands are taking a modern approach to smocking for summer and it is everything you need for the perfect top.


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I figured I’d google that for you so we were all on the same page with this random word. Anyway! These smocked tops are perfect for everything from brunch to the beach. They’re easy to style, rewear, and stay comfy in. My favorite brand for summer tops is Reformation, but sometimes it’s an unnecessary splurge. So I put together a range of cute smocked tops for you to add to your summer wardrobe!

[dahz_framework_product_3_col text_1=”Smocked Top” brand_1=”Reformation ” url_1=”” id_1_1=”1430″ text_2=”Smocked Long sleeve ” brand_2=”Reformation ” url_2=”” id_2_1=”1432″ text_3=”Smocked Tank ” brand_3=”Reformation ” url_3=”” id_3_1=”1434″ /]

I love the long sleeve smocked top from Ref for a fancier but still beachy look!

[dahz_framework_product_3_col text_1=”Smocked Peplum Tank” brand_1=”Urban Outfitters ” url_1=”” id_1_1=”1437″ text_2=”Smocked Cami” brand_2=”Urban Outfitters” url_2=”” id_2_1=”1438″ text_3=”Smocked Bodysuit” brand_3=”Urban Outfitters ” url_3=”” id_3_1=”1439″ /]

Urban has the perfect dupes for Ref! I love the body suit here!

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Smocked Off The Shoulder ” brand_1=”ZARA” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”1440″ text_2=”Smocked Blouse” brand_2=”ZARA” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”1441″ /]

Obsessed with this red and style!

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Smocked Tube Top” brand_1=”Forever 21″ url_1=”″ id_1_1=”1442″ text_2=”Smocked Tube Top” brand_2=”Forever 21″ url_2=”” id_2_1=”1443″ /]

I have the rainbow tube top above and it’s perfection!

Will you wear smocked tops this summer?! Comment below!


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