Summer Trend: Crossbody Fanny Pack

My second and potentially favorite summer trend is the crossbody fanny pack. When fanny packs first started becoming a trend, I was into it, but I wasn’t sold. It wasn’t until I saw it worn across the body. Then I was all like, “DAAAAYYYUUMMM.” Yes, I actually said that.

I was at the beach a few weekends ago and saw my friend @PeaceLoveShea rocking this vintage Louis Vuitton fanny pack across her chest. It was everything. I thought, “that’s exactly what I need for summer.” So I went out and invested in a Gucci one. Although I wanted the LV, I didn’t feel like buying vintage (more expensive). I have a feeling they (LV) will be coming out with a new version and want to wait. (I tend to be right as we know). Hehe! So I got the Gucci one and am obsessed. I feel SO DAMN COOL rocking it across my body. It’s so convenient too! Easy access and so comfortable to wear. It’s just a dope summer look so I put together a range of fanny packs for you guys because you NEED one!!

ASOS is KILLING it right now look at these!

The A.P.C bag look super designer to me and I love the gold for summer!

So what do you think!? Are you going to rock this like me?!


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  1. GURLLL you’re always on point with trends, love how you make everything looks so wearable. keep up the amazing posts!! can’t wait to read the next one.


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