Summer Vacation Makeup Breakdown

I’m back BEACHES! Get it, cause it’s summer. Yup! It was my birthday MONTH and then I flew off to Bermuda for vaycay with my Revolve fam! I had the time of my LIFE! I decided I’m very into makeup right now because I am FEELING myself. I filmed my vacation makeup routine for my channel and wanted to break it down for you guys here:

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I’m having a huge Marc Jacobs beauty moment right now. I’m apparently very late to the game but their products are SO good. Primer is so important so that your makeup isn’t seeping directly into your skin and you have a protective layer.

When I do use foundation, this is the holy grail. I’m definitely ready to try some new foundations because I’m getting a little bored BUT this stuff is iconic. It’s claim to fame is from the Kardashians and beauty community of course and it’s well worth the hype. I use a few pumps directly on my face and blend out with my beauty blender for a flawless finish.

I love this concealer because the consistency and coverage is perfect. I think concealer is my favorite random product right now because it truly changes your whole look. Colourpop is affordable but feels like high end. I also blend this with the beauty blender for full coverage.

Having a total blush moment right now and living for it. I’m obsessed with this duo from Colourpop because the blush is perfection. I think the highlighter isn’t as dense as BECCA highlighters but since the look is already so glowly it’s okay. I use the blush as eyeshadow because like I said, PINK MOMENT! It’s SO cute!

HOLY GRAIL!!! New favorite mascara and I am NOT easy please!! I would’ve never thought this brush was something I would love but wow. I haven’t gotten eye lash extensions since I started using this mascara and feel just as PURTY! I love love love! Highly recommend!

This new eyebrow gel from MILK is actually amazing! I usually use the Anastasia Eye Brow gel which I think is a little stronger but this formula is so good and doesn’t feel crusty! I also like how the brush is smaller so the product isn’t overflowing.

A crowd favorite for setting spray is Urban Decay. It totally keeps your makeup on your face all day/night. If you don’t use a setting spray WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?? It’s my favorite step because it feels like it brings the whole look together and makes it feel natural on my face. I love spraying a ton and it’s really worth it.

I hope you guys enjoy this breakdown and the new products! I’m loving this look and excited to try new stuff so comment below what you’re loving!


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  1. Absolutely love your blog, the style and layout is beautiful and you keep it so sweet and simple, I love it! I have yet to try any marc jacobs beauty but the luminous silk foundation has been on my wish list forever! Can’t wait to try some of the products you discussed in this post 💛

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