What’s In My Shower?

I just took a shower (yes I shower sometimes) and thought, “Damn, I like all this sh!t”. What can I say,I love products and there’s no better feeling than pampering yourself to your freshest state. So here’s everything I use in my shower…

I switch up shampoo’s a lot but one I keep coming back to is the OUAI. I love the way it smells and it lasts me a good while. I use the restorative formula since I style and color my hair a ton. I trust their products so it’s always an easy repurchase! Cute packaging never hurts either.

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Shampoo” brand_1=”OUAI” url_1=”http://bit.ly/2JgIM09″ id_1_1=”1409″ text_2=”Conditioner” brand_2=”OUAI” url_2=”http://bit.ly/2Jkx845″ id_2_1=”1409″ /]

If I’m not washing my hair that day since I can go days without it looking greasy, I cap it. I don’t understand people that don’t own shower caps?! They save my life! 100% necessary in my book. I got this one for Christmas last year (LOL) and it’s my favorite. The way it fits doesn’t allow any water in because it’s nice and snug. I love the material because it doesn’t absorb any water so is super hygienic.

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Shower Cap” brand_1=”SHHHOWERCAP” url_1=”http://bit.ly/2Lcfr4i” id_1_1=”1411″ text_2=”Shower Cap” brand_2=”SHHHOWERCAP” url_2=”http://bit.ly/2Lcfr4i” id_2_1=”1412″ /]

I’m pretty picky with body washes because I must feel clean as a whistle. I treated myself to Glossier’s body wash because it is an oil base. I have super dry skin so this formula is great for me. I use my scrub towel with it to get the oil nice and frothy for a deep clean. I love the way it feels and smells. Leaves my skin super soft.

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Body Wash” brand_1=”Glossier” url_1=”http://bit.ly/2Jq4hLM” id_1_1=”1413″ /]

Speaking of scrub towel, they are my favorite! I haven’t used a loofah in forever because I think they’re gross and you can really get them clean. They also get stuck in piercings…just saying. So I use Korean scrub towels when I want to get rid of my spray tans and then I use this charcoal body scrub towel on the regular. It’s pretty major because it’s fabric actually has odor absorbing qualities and removes oils & toxins from the skin with the charcoal. I’m very obsessed with this right now because it’s a total upgrade from my old scrub towel.

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Charcoal Scrub Towel” brand_1=”Morihata” url_1=”http://bit.ly/2JogxNa” id_1_1=”1415″ /]

Lush’s Ocean Salt is a classic and I love keeping it in my shower. It feels amazing to get a good exfoliation in while your pores are open from the steam. I’ll use it on my body once a week and on my face every other day. I love that it’s all natural so I’m not over doing it on the product.

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Ocean Salt” brand_1=”LUSH” url_1=”https://www.lushusa.com/body/body-cleansers/ocean-salt—self-preserving/9999905234.html” id_1_1=”1416″ /]

I also keep Nurse Jamie’s Clear Bar In A Jar in my shower because I find it a little messy and I just hate washing my face out of the shower (idk I’m weird). So it’s much easier for me to lather up the bar with the exfoliating silicone and get to work on my face in the shower. It gives me such a deep clean and truly is what I think keeps my skin clear. I notice a major difference when I don’t use it, and it’s not a good one.

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Brightening Bar” brand_1=”Nurse Jamie” url_1=”http://bit.ly/2JnlVjf” id_1_1=”1417″ text_2=”Clearing Bar” brand_2=”Nurse Jamie” url_2=”http://bit.ly/2JkL1zu” id_2_1=”1418″ /]

Lastly, don’t forget about your VAGINE! Ladies, this stuff is important. You take care of everything else why not your most prized possession?! I always use a special wash for my lady bits to keep my pH in balance! I never have any sort of problems down there and I think it’s just because I take good care of her! So I highly recommend keeping a vaginal wash in your shower to keep your girl in check!

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Lady Wash” brand_1=”Summer’s Eve” url_1=”http://bit.ly/2LfEdk2″ id_1_1=”1419″ /]

Obviously I have a boring razor and a toothbrush but that’s all the fun stuff! Am I missing out on anything amazing?! Please tell me!! Now go shower ya filthy animals!



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  1. oh my god girl you need to try sukin products Sukin Oil Balancing+ Charcoal Pore Refining Facial Scrub is one of my favourites! https://amzn.to/2N924n0 The brand is all about natural products, helping the ENVIRONMENT and being crulty free. I stand by them big time!


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