Kitchen Organization

If you’ve been following along you know I had my home PROFESSIONALLY organized! Thank you to Life In Jeneral for being the absolute dream team!  Professional organization is NO joke. I seriously couldn’t have done this myself. It takes a certain type of person to not only have to patience but the creativity to know how to create a system in your home. These systems have been life changing. In the kitchen, I now don’t have junk drawers, I know where everything belongs, and can get things done more efficiently. My favorite part is that the countertops are clear and everything is put away so it never looks messy. The pantry is obviously GOALS, and the back “pantry” closet is now an entertainment closet and storage because it was in such an odd place (that’s the kind of stuff LIJ thinks of people!!). We have labeled bins for home security, home tools, and a place for all my cheese platters and cocktail jars. You’ll find all the items below we used for the kitchen so that you can get inspired and organize your own!

Bamboo Lazy Suzan Tension Bamboo Drawer Organize Bamboo Drawer Organizer






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