Office Organization

The next space we organized was my office and this space was a NIGHTMARE. Even before I moved this space was a glorified storage unit. Well, not even glorified. I always imagined a system on my shelves for incoming and outgoing product and having an efficient space to get work done. I just couldn’t figure out the right system. Then of course Life In Jeneral figured out the perfect way to set me up for success. We went with white pull out storage bins because I didn’t want it to look cluttered if you could see all the product. They even came up with a mail system, storage for supplies, clothes, and everything in between. My personal favorite is actually having a system for breaking down and recycling boxes. I used to be drowning in boxes weekly. I now LOVE being in my office and get so much more done in a happier mind set. Here are the office products we used!

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Vinyl Mesh Pouches” brand_1=”Container Store” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2059″ text_2=”File Sorter” brand_2=”Container Store” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2060″ /]

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Chevron Seagrass Belly Basket” brand_1=”Container Store” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”2055″ text_2=”Diamonds Seagrass Belly Basket” brand_2=”Container Store” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2056″ /]

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Acrylic Accessory Drawers” brand_1=”Container Store” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2057″ text_2=”White Opaque Modular Stackable Drawers” brand_2=”Container Store” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2058″ /]

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Beach House Bin” brand_1=”Container Store” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2052″ text_2=”White Melamine Tops” brand_2=”Container Store” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2027″ /]

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”White Stockholm Storage Boxes” brand_1=”Container Store” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2053″ text_2=”White Lacquered Storage Boxes” brand_2=”Container Store” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2054″ /]




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