Wine, Wine Glasses, and More Wine

Every time I post a photo of my wine glasses, I get a hundred DM’s asking where they are from. Factor in how often I drink wine and you’ll realize that is A LOT of DM’s. I wanted to do a dedicated post for all of my wine and bar essentials so that every time someone asks, you can just come here! Genius, I know.

A key part of adulting is having your bar in order. Whether it’s designing a bar cart or stocking up on hosting essentials, it is a total must in your home. I found my favorite glasses at Crate and Barrel. Everyone on IG loves the rectangle glasses and the Olivia Pope from Scandal long stem glasses. I’ve had them forever (until a drunk friend breaks them). I also am a huge fan of Anthropolgie’s glassware because it adds more fun elements into my collection.

I also wanted to include some non glassware bar essentials that I couldn’t live without. You think you don’t need bar tools until you have them. The next thing you know you’re a full on mixologist using them. I love the decor aspect but they actually come in handy. I also have had the same bar cart forever. There are so many cute ones but this truly goes with every decor phase I’ve gone through. I now have a bar nook, so I added the acrylic side table around the car for more storage and it looks like I have a whole legit built out bar in my house. I keep some items like the cold drink dispenser tucked away until I need it for a party, but the rest it al out. Lastly, if you don’t have an electric wine opener, you aren’t living. It is the easier and most impressive item to add to your cart.

Let us know on IG if there’s other bar essential details you need to know! 
Featured image: Honeymoon Hotel Art & CB2

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