Current Obsession: Cool Purses, Not Just Any Purses

Bags are definitely one of my favorite fashion pieces. I would much rather spend money on a bag than a t-shirt. Your bag elevates your whole look, so it’s worth it. Currently, I’m on the hunt for some super trendycool girl” bags. The two styles that are on the top of my list are tiny bags and over the shoulder bags. I love the look of that vintage Prada and Fendi baguette bag right now. The 90’s are always coming back so this is no surprise. And thanks to Jacquemus and ByFar we have the tiny bag trend. I have one tiny bag from ByFar and it was totally worth the extra $ because it is so well made, comes with a strap, and is going to be on trend for a WHILE. I’m currently on the hunt for some fun shoulder bags and deciding between a designer bag or some looks for less.

I put together a shopping list of all of the best bags for these trends right now. I included a few designer bags because, I don’t know your life, and it’s always nice to see the designer trends when looking for a more affordable version. I definitely found some amazing look for less purses (if I do say so myself) so shop below before they’re all sold out! What can I say, we make trends catch on.

I will definitely be purchasing a few off this list. Do you dig this trend yet? Like what you see? Let us know on IG @LaurenElizabethINC.

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