What I’m Doing At Home

BORED. Yup, I’m officially bored. Not sure why it took WEEKS of being at home to finally crack but here we are. Working out and working from home is pretty normal. So eventually you want to switch things up. With all this time I finally have found myself trying all of those new things I never had time for. If you’re bored at home, here are some things I’ve been doing at home.

Playing games & video games – who am I?! 

My friend told me to play Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. I said, “Do I look like someone who is going to play a f*cking video game?”  With a short conversation of convincing, I realized I already owned the Nintendo Switch and truly had NOTHING else to do so, don’t knock it till you try it? I always said boys are lucky they have so many video games and here I am a few days later loving my new hobby. Besides that, I always love a good game of Rummikub, Quiplash, and all the usuals you can find in the game aisle.

Air Dry Clay Sculpting

And on the 30th day, we all became artists. Everyone’s on IG tie-dying and painting like they’re about to open up an Etsy shop. Truth be told, I always wanted an *artsy* hobby but just suck at drawing and painting. My siblings are so naturally gifted in the arts but I could never keep up. TILL NOW! We started playing around with air dry clay and boom, my God-given gift came to light. I won’t be changing professions any time soon but it is so relaxing and really I’m not that bad. I love the idea that we can make things for other people with all these arts & crafts! Little handmade gifts 2020!

Candle Making

It’s getting CRAZY y’all!! Yes, I made a candle. Now when I say I made a candle, it was a kit and all I did was microwave some wax. BUT IT FILLED MY TIME! And the candle is cute AF. The kit I used is from Siblings Candles and they’re a new sustainable brand I now love. My next endeavor will be looking into more DIY candle making supplies because like I said, I’m an artist now? Duh? Look on Amazon for supplies and make your own!

Collage Notebook

I haven’t done this yet, but my mom has named it her new hobby so I might jump on the train. Get yourself a new notebook and find a bunch of old magazines and newspapers. Try and be sustainable and recycle some shit. If you’re desperate you can print things out. But fill up your quarantine journal with pretty collages, writing, and photos. You’ll have it as a keepsake!


How many times am I going to have to tell you all to get a damn Kindle? Is it not enough when I say it’s life-changing?! I’ve read a handful of books so far and it is such a nice way to unplug from everything going on and get lost in someone else’s story.


I’m mostly baking because I love eating. And what else is there to do besides eat? I’m not doing this as much because of groceries, but hey, it’s an idea!

Zoom Happy Hour

I can’t stress enough how important connecting is right now. I zoom at least four times a week. It’s such a nice way to break up the day and check in on all your loved ones. I feel like we’re all closer than ever because of it.

Okay, so what are YOU doing? I clearly have the time, so let me know what else to try! 


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