At Home Workout Essentials

Since we’ve been stuck at home, I’ve become obsessed with at-home workouts. I would’ve truly never guessed! There’s something about taking out the stress of getting to a class that is appealing to me. So I decided to get some gear to allow me to continue working out at home even when this is all over! I put together all my essentials for you guys to get inspired to work out at home too! My current favorite at-home workout is Melissa Wood Health‘s online videos! Finding videos that you love is also a big game changer! I love her calming energy and long lean lines approach to the body. Here are my must-haves!

This might seem like a no brainer, but we obviously need to drink way more water than we think we are. My three favorite water bottles obviously starting with the Hydroflask. The Larq bottle is a new favorite because it is self-cleaning! And the big gallon is a favorite for really trying to get as much water you can per day! Also included my absolute favorite pre-workout MUST have Celsius. Metabolism booster and the perfect amount of energy for your best workout.

Pretty much everything you need for an at-home workout! From arm weights to booty bands. Get your cardio in with jump rope and do it all on your yoga mat! If you have more space, I highly recommend the interlocking gym tiles!

Including my favorite gear because I truly am so picky. These are my absolute favorite leggings and sports bras. Combining comfort and sport to feel your best self when you sweat. I’ve also loved running and walking outside my neighborhood and my favorite shoes are APL!

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