Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her

As if we weren’t just Christmas shopping, Valentine’s Day is upon us and can require gift giving! Depending on your style, V-Day can be a little something special, or require a serious romantic gesture from your partner. I love Valentine’s Day because I love love!! I will say, I hate when you go out and the entire restaurant is all just tables of two – it’s bizarre! “Hey we’re literally all here for Valentine’s Day Dinner!” LOL. So this year, I might cook in or try to go somewhere not everyone in the world is at. *Wishes myself luck*You guys know I love jewelry, and although my boyfriend thinks I have enough, that is simply just never going to happen. SORRY! I have ten fingers, two wrists, and a great surface area on my neck and chest. Nice try hunny. But I put together a bunch of super cute V-Day gift ideas for you to send to your man, get your girls, or TREAT YO SELF!

You can never have too much jewelry ladies, I’ll say it again! And it’s the most special when it’s from someone you love. All of these brands I love and aren’t going to break the bank! Stacking rings also always leave space for…well, MORE stacking rings. Sorry boys.

I will never be mad when someone gets me Sugarfina Candy. It’s going to look super cute on your gram and taste even better. For V-day, I also like getting a few small things all themed together.

I don’t know if it’s because I just moved, or if I love bougie scents (and we looove a limited edition scent Diptyque!). But I will accept this rose instead of jewelry for Valentine’s Day ahem Cameron ahem. Also although Rose by Le Labo is totally on theme, it is also one of my go to scents in general FYI.

Spoil your woman, maybe throw in a massage gift card too we wouldn’t mind.

Think Pink but Think Wellness

What’s your V-Day Style? Flowers and candy or Put a ring on it?!

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