New Year, New Body – Health Obsessions!

Yes, I know, it’s almost February. But New Year, New Bod, is still in FULL SWING! Personally, January was an insane month, so I am excited to get on top of my goals ASAP! I put together my 5 New Bod Obsessions in this week’s video and wanted to link and recap everything here!

New Year, New Bod, isn’t about unrealistic goals, or just being “skinny”. It’s about putting your health first and feeling your best self from the inside out! I put together five little things you can do to switch up your routine, and incorporate new healthy habits for an amazing year. Tracking Your Fitness: If you follow me on IG you know I’m OBSESSED with my Apple Watch. I also get tons of questions about what specific one I wear. It’s the newest series and I love it in gold because it matches my jewelry. I love seeing my health progress every day. You don’t realize how much just getting up and walking around really improves your health. It’s the little things. I highly suggest finding a way that works best for you to keep you aware of your routine. Whether it’s a watch, fit bit, journal, etc. It’s rewarding and holds you accountable every day! The bonus of the Apple Watch is it holds me accountable to my work and keeps me on top of everything else without sitting on my phone!

Cooking At Home: Now that I’ve moved, I really want to improve my eating at home. When you order food, you really don’t know how it’s made. When you cook at home, you control how much olive oil is in the pan, how much salt is used for seasoning, all the little things that can add up to a way healthier meal! I love using meal kits like Hello Fresh, and making my own breakfast. It’s so easy to forget to eat breakfast in the morning for me so I love making a jam packed smoothie to start my day. And with Hello Fresh I can learn new recipes and don’t have to waste my time at the grocery store.

Celery Juice: The craze that’s taking IG by storm. I highly suggest following the Medical Medium on Instagram and looking into the celery juice hype. I’ve been casually drinking celery juice since I found out about the insane benefits. It does everything from clear your skin to reduce major bloat. I like putting lemon in mine for taste and an added boost. It seriously makes your stomach feel SO good. The transformations online are beyond magic! It’s also a super easy and affordable drink to make no matter where you live. I’ll link below some great products to use!

Hot Pilates: Damn am I obsessed. I’ve never loved sweating so much. I love pilates because it’s such a different work out. It’s slow and controlled but powerful and challenging. It truly leans and lengthens your body which is what I prefer to see as results. I feel strong and cleansed after every session. I highly recommend trying out pilates and finding a way to sweat as well. I linked my favorite bath product for detox and sweat below! I love the heat for my chronic pain and for sweating out all the wine I drink LOL. Here are some at home pilates tools you can try.

Stretching and Lymphatic Massage: It’s so important to take care of your body after you actually get physical. I get so tight and inflamed all the time. I prioritize stretching and getting massages to take care of my muscles and it actually makes you leaner. Lymphatic massage is a way to drain your lymphatic system that holds all your bodies toxins at surface level. It truly has relieved me of so much pain and slimmed me down. If you live in LA, try out Pellequr for a life changing lymphatic massage! At home, you can use rollers, massagers, and massage balls for tight knots.

What are you health obsessions right now?! Let me know!


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