Tips For Working From Home

As someone who has (almost) always worked from home, I thought I’d share my tips to have the most success and mental sanity whilst working in your own house. It can be tricky, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It can feel as though you don’t have boundaries or routine. So let’s make them!

Creating a routine/schedule is super important. Consistency is my number one tip for success in general so let’s bring home. Start by writing out exactly what you’re going to do from the moment you wake up. For example, I wake up, check my phone for anything important, make my bed, feed my dogs, and work out. Those are my non-negotiables. This will give you a feeling of purpose and normalcy and THEN you can begin work. Don’t just roll over and start working on your laptop in bed.

Having a workspace however you can is also key. I’m lucky enough to have an office in my home but I didn’t always! Dedicate one part of your room or home to be your work station. If you do feel you can work from the bed that IS okay. All I recommend is at least tidying up and having the routine first. But try to have a nook or separate area that is your “office”. This will make you feel like you’re “going to work”.

If you don’t have anywhere to go it can be easy to hunker down and just work work work. So remember to take breaks. Work smarter not harder! It will boost your creativity and energy to take breaks. So schedule yourself a lunch break and a coffee break! It’s healthier to disconnect for a second and then come back. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or feel like you have to overcompensate because you’re at home. Then, set an end time. Just like how you’d leave the office. Leave your workspace. Yes, it’s still there, but you get to “go home” too.

Boundaries are spacial but also personal. If you live with others, it can be easy to get distracted. Set boundaries for when you let yourself entertain your roomies or pick up that FaceTime from Mom. You wouldn’t do that at an office, so don’t do it just because you’re at home. A 5min chat can easily turn into your whole workday getting set back and your motivation dissipates. Don’t waste that caffeine on social hour.

You guys know I’m extra. So when doing all of this, make it fun and pretty. I’m not just going to set up a gross workplace. You bet I’m making it organized, aesthetically pleasing, and me. I love having a little speaker, my iPhone stand, journals, candles, and pens. All of these things make my workspace feel cozy and exciting. Lighting a candle and setting my phone up on the stand allows me to go hard on my laptop. You can make your workspace look however you want, but here are some fun accessories to get inspo from as well!


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