Current At Home Loungewear Favorites

Everyone always made fun of me for only buying comfy clothes and look at us now! Obviously there’s so much going on but if you’re lucky, you’re staying at home. A ton of you asked what my favorite current loungewear is and boy did you come to the right gal! My current favorite pieces have been neutrals or pops of spring colors. I love matching sets because it makes you feel like you kind of have an outfit on. I also know that when I spend money on the right pieces THOSE are the ones I constantly want to wear. So for me, there’s no reason to waste money on things that are just okay. (I definitely know what sweats I need to get rid of after all of this!) So below I found all of my favorites and put them together in a widget for you all to shop! From my favorite tanks at Urban Outfitters to the best sets! These are the BEST pieces and my absolute favorites.


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