My last trend post was about cowboy boots and unless you live under a rock you saw every Instagram hottie rocking cowboy boots at Coachella. I’m not saying I told you so, but I am saying I’m a genius. So now when I put this next trend on your radar you know you can trust me. (If you didn’t already).

A couple months ago I saw a rainbow earring on my Instagram feed and DIED. Yes, I am writing this from the DEAD. I’m not dramatic I swear. But seriously, I thought, “Of course.” Of course I freaking need technicolored jewelry! I love layering and stacking my gold jewels and I feel spicing it up with classy color is just what I need. Summer is right around the corner and this just feels so right.

I first noticed rainbow jewelry, like I said, with the earring. I figured out with my incredible Instagram detective skills that it was from a fine jewelry line called The Last Line LA. I was about to purchase this beautiful earring until I realized it was almost $1,000. I mean listen, I want to spend $1,000 on an earring but f*cking OBVIOUSLY shouldn’t. So the search and day dreaming continued because I knew I was onto something. A couple weeks later one of my favorite designers Anine Bing launched a small technicolored jewelry collection confirming I am the genius trend spotter we know I am.

I wanted to put this rainbow trend on your radar so you can find some bomb pieces and spice up your look. I’m so obsessed it’s becoming unhealthy and I just need to splurge before I drive myself insane. (Does that justify spending money?)

I put together some of my favorite pieces from high to low for you guys because I don’t know your wallets. Someone please buy the earring and make me jealous, thanks.

Rainbow Earring


Rainbow Choker


Rainbow Ear Cuff


Splurge baby splurge!

Rainbow Earring

Anine Bing

Rainbow Ring

Anine Bing

Tai makes great jewelry highly recommend!

Leave a comment below if you find any technicolored pieces!


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