Lazy Girl’s Guide To Skincare

I might be a very driven and ambitious gal but I’m also lazy as f*ck. It’s just in my DNA. And as much as I work, there’s things that I end up neglecting. Aka skincare. Yes, I know, I love skincare! It’s something I know too much about! But when you work 14 hours a day the last thing you want to do is keep your eyes open to pamper yourself.

I’ve been shooting a show for the past 8 weeks and utilized that time to figure out what products work for lazy girls like me. I noticed that I prefer just wiping things on and off my face instead of masking, exfoliating, etc with water. All of these products I found are truly amazing. From their formula’s to convenience they knock it out of the park.

Click here to watch my full video explaining these products and shop them below! 

Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays

Drying lotion

Mario Badescu



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