Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! A very special holiday for lovers everywhere! Last year was Cameron and I’s first Valentine’s day. I remember being so nervous if we were going to spend it together or not because…

at the time we were technically just best friends with benefits in denial that we were actually dating. LOL. Good things take time my friends.

We were sitting at my dining table when he told someone he didn’t have a Valentine this year. I remember thinking ‘awkward’!!! And he could tell I was bummed. He made his way to the kitchen while I wasn’t paying attention, then came back asking me to get him a glass of water. Obviously I replied all, “Why can’t you get YOURSELF a glass of water?!” Naturally I caved and when I went to get him his water there was a note on the fridge saying, “Will you be my Valentine? – Bub”. I am so glad I went and got him that glass of water! To me, the little note was so simple but meaningful because any little thing counts at the beginning of a relationship.

We spent last Valentine’s Day at his beach house watching the sunset together and then grabbing dinner for two in Malibu. We didn’t exchange gifts although I got him a card (I write a lot of cards in general). And soon after Valentine’s Day we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. DAWW!

Cameron and I get each other a lot of nice things for gifts and “just because.” So after an expensive Holiday season we decided we aren’t getting each other anything for Valentine’s day, which surprisingly I’m okay with! He better get me flowers though…right?!

I think Valentine’s Day is a Holiday more about just being with the person you love and doing something together romantic in your own way. I also love meaningful gifts like tickets to something or somewhere, long letters, or just your favorite little something special like candy!

However, if you want to splurge this Valentine’s day, which I totally support, here is my little gift guide!


Click each paragraph to shop the product!

Starting from the top! Jewelry is ALWAYS a great idea! My Mejuri STELLAR collection is on the tail end of being available! So it’s now or never! Get your gifts and put in your requests to BAE! Both necklaces make such a special gift, the ring is a must, and the earrings are perfect for everyday wear. 

Then, I love these little books of prompts! You buy the book and then fill it in for your significant other. It’s so much fun to fill out but even better seeing their face while they read each page! It’s so easy and affordable but means SO much.  

Not going to lie, I love buying matching stuff for Cam and I! We have matching undies and pajamas! Oh and robes…LOL. I think it’s so fun and cute! MeUndies just came out with a ton of super cute matching sets for Valentines Day! I can’t wait to wear mine! 

Rose 31 by Le Labo is one of my favorite fragrances. Purchase the body oil for Valentine’s Day to spice up your usual skin routine! This dry oil leaves your skin so soft, smelling of fresh roses! Perfect for date night, or a post date night massage. 😉

Sex Dust! Not as naughty as it sounds I promise! Such a fun gift for the wellness lover in your life! Gift them some love themed wellness goodies like Sex Dust, Love Quartz, and essential oils! Sex Dust is a blend of potions that gives you fun spirited energy! Perfect for before date night! 

I said splurge didn’t I?! This Diptyque candle is totally on my wishlist. It’s the bigger size so it’s more pricey BUT it lasts longer and doubles as home decor. So. Freaking. Bougie. Set the mood with this perfect gift for your girl! Or even your girl friend that needs a little extra love when she stays home with her cat to watch Netflix…

Highly recommend clicking here and looking at my favorite chocolate shop’s Valentine’s day specials because it had my mouth WATERING! I love having Comparte’s chocolate as my fancy treats in the house. If you’re going to get chocolate, do it right! Life is too short to not eat the best of the best! They have so many fun and adventurous flavors! 

I hope this post helped you prepare for Valentine’s Day! Let me know your plans in the comments below!




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  1. Could you pleasssseeeeee do an updated room/apartment tour?? you have mad interior decorating skillz and i really want to see how you style you home. please do a blog post or upload a vid all about interior decorating plz!!!

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