Why I Dry Brush

I’m all about trying the latest wellness and beauty trends but this one took me a second to be honest. (I can be lazy!) I bought a dry brush after reading a ton about it, and finally hearing women swear by it had me sold. BUT, I kid you not the dry brush sat in my bathroom for weeks before I really used it…

It’s not that I didn’t want to try it, it’s that when I did it HURT! I was confused, “what’s the point of this thing?!” So I reread the articles and reviews on it reminding myself how good it is for you and learning the correct way to use it. Don’t get me wrong, it still hurt the first couple of times (I have sensitive skin apparently) but once I got the hang of it I was obsessed!

Dry Brushing is simple, it’s the act of literally brushing your body with this firm brush in an upward motion towards your heart. Dry brushing directly affects your lymphatic system which is part of the circulatory system. It basically functions as your body’s drain. Your lymphatic system is SO important because it not only affects your skin, which shows on the outside, it also directly affects your immune system and detoxification on the inside. Your lymphatic system is what helps your body rid itself of toxins & waste. Wait, have I lost you yet?! Is this getting too boringly scientific?! Well here’s the thing, the lymphatic system might sound boring, but taking care of it helps you achieve glowing and toned skin. Lymphatic facial massages and body massages are huge in wellness and beauty. I get lymphatic massages on my legs and core to remove all the toxins from my week, soothe muscle cramps, and accelerate weight loss when I’m slimming down.

The great thing about dry brushing is compared to going and getting lymphatic massages, it’s way cheaper, easier, and convenient! Dry Brushing is proven to boost cell renewal, stimulate your circulation, and eliminate toxins. Of course remember, consistency is always key. When you incorporate dry brushing into your daily routine, you’ll see brighter, detoxified, and even-toned skin.

There are two ways to dry brush and I’ll tell you which one I prefer. Both are just as effective, it’s just personal preference. The first way to dry brush is simply right before you shower. Take your dry brush on your bare body, starting from the toes and make your way up brushing each area of your skin towards your heart. Always brush in an upward motion until you reach your chest, you can brush in a circular movement. Try starting with short strokes to get used to the feeling, then if you prefer, you can use longer strokes up the body.

The second similar way to dry brush is after the shower. While your skin is clean and supple, take your favorite body oil (not lotion) and apply it to your dry brush. Now follow the same instructions of brushing upwards on your bare body with your dry brush and oil.

The method I prefer is the second. I don’t love dry brushing before the shower because I usually shower after a workout so I’m gross and sweaty. I don’t think there is a simple way to clean your dry brush so I’d rather use it when I’m fresh and clean. I also have super dry skin, so I find using the dry brush with my body oil helps it penetrate my skin leaving me more hydrated than simply putting on lotion.

I kid you not after I dry brush I feel AMAZING. Its’s almost as if I can feel the oil just seeping deeply into my skin, my body is tingly with endorphins and just feeling alive! It’s so rejuvenating that you become addicted to the feeling! It’s also great to tone and glow like I said, which of course is addicting as well. I focus on places I have minor cellulite and stubborn fat as well, and I feel it truly helps!

So are you sold?! Or do you already dry brush!? Let me know!

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  1. I recently bought a dry brush and have been loving it! I’ve been conflicted when getting in the shower after a workout because of the germs and i had not read about using it after., this is such a game changer! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Holy Lauren. literally just started dry brushing and my skin has evened out so much. i use with coconut oil and it has totally helped (i think) with flattening out the tummy.

  3. I have never heard of dry brushing. that is a super interesting concept when it comes to taking care of your body. I believe that it works but it does seem very painful as you mentioned. It is crazy that it helps both internally and externally which makes me want to try it. Do you know of any dry brushing products that are cheaper than the ones you linked?


  4. I have super dry skin, so I was afraid that dry brushing would irritate my skin in the bad way, but it’s nice to hear that you have dry skin too and love using your body oil when you brush. I think I’ll give it a go!!

  5. Where do you go for your lymphatic massages on your legs & core?! I live in LA too and would love to give it a try.


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