It’s another day, and another trend I’m calling dibs on. Okay fine, this isn’t REALLY a trend it’s just a total vibe. I went from loving combat boots to ankle booties, loved a good over the knee boot, and now I’m totally into the MID height boots. The boots that come right up to the knee but not over it. I love this vibe so much. It feels very 90’s aka totally on-trend right now.

I mean, how CUTE! Love love love! I just bought a pair from LPA on Revolve that is so perfect but totally sold out. They were included in my September favorites post (favorites are always on the homepage each month too) so don’t forget to always check that section of goodies! Team LE and I went through EVERY boot section so that you wouldn’t have to and rounded up our favorites that are perfect for this vibe. Shop below!

All of these boots are the exact type I’m into right now. I’m dying for a white pair and a nude pair but obviously love the classic black ones! I’m VERY specific with style so these are specially curated for you by us! Let me know what you think about this trend on Instagram!

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