Cozy Essentials For Fall

The best part about Fall as we all know is getting COZY. I know I’m biased because I never leave my house…but at least it makes me an EXPERT! I’ve been shopping online for new candles, blankets, slippers, and more. If you watched my recent VLOGS you know I even gave my entire living room a Fall makeover. It feels so good to get all new cozy essentials when the season changes. I put together all of my favorite things while I was shopping to share with you guys! I definitely bought way too many pairs of slippers but LIKE I SAID I never leave the house so it’s fine.

These blankets are seriously LIFE-CHANGING, you will never want to leave the couch.

 Ugg slippers are absolutely necessary. They have SO many cute new styles I had to buy a few pairs! I didn’t even include cute Ugg boots because the slippers are just too good.

Obviously we need all the cozy stuff but the SMELLS are the best part of this season. I switch all my candle scents to Fall vibes. I usually love Santal by Le Labo but I just got PIN 12 and it is SO good. I highly recommend. I always love my Diptyque candles, they both make great decor so it’s worth the price. For classic Fall scents to just burn through I got these two from Target and they’re amazing.


Lastly, do yourself a favor and SPLURGE on a cozy robe or cardigan depending on what you like to lounge in. Barefoot Dreams is pricey BUT it is seriously the comfiest material in the world. I’m always obsessed with cozy cardigans and robes for Fall so I treat myself to a new one because, duh.

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