What’s In My Cart: February 2020

Does anyone else feel super weird before the season has officially changed? I feel like I have no idea what my style is and what to wear, let alone what the weather is going to be like. I wanted to do a ‘what’s in my cart’ post because I stumbled across some real gems whilst trying to cope with my style confusion. Some things I’ve already purchased and some things are currently sitting in my cart. Sometimes I like to add a ton of stuff and then wait a few hours and decide what I really need. Not sure if I’ll even narrow down all the tops because they’re too cute. I put together some notes and you can shop in the widgets as well!

I’m a dumb-dumb and forgot to add the Hourglass Cosmetics concealer above! I’ve heard INCREDIBLE things about it and am 100% purchasing!

I also REALLY want a Barefoot Dreams cardigan to fuel my addiction and can’t decide which style! But it’s a NEED!

Definitely getting the AGOLDE jeans because I don’t have a pair without rips and they are my favorite (obviously I wear them in every IG post) and I’m SO impressed with all of my Free People finds! Exactly what I’ve been missing in my closet. Let me know what you think about the white slides I didn’t include but are below, they feel very The Row to me and fun for spring.

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