The Best Vegan Banana Bread

I’m not a Vegan by any means but there’s something about Vegan baking that I love! I think it’s so easy to substitute a lot of baking ingredients with healthier vegan options and it makes you feel a lot better about eating sweets! This is the BEST Vegan Banana Bread recipe out there!

I love this recipe because it has so much sweetness in it and the bread turns out an amazing texture! You can substitute the flour for whatever you prefer and the oil for coconut oil if you prefer! I usually multiply the recipe by two for a bigger loaf! Oh! Don’t forget to get the bananas really ripe so they are the sweetest they can be! Pro tip: Buy them on Monday then save for the weekend!



Bake at 350 degree’s for 30-45 min! Stick a tooth pick in and when it comes out clean you know it’s done!

Print the recipe card or save to your phone! Let me know if you make it too!


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    how long and how hot should your oven be when making this recipe?

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    How long and on what heat is this supposed to be baked at?

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    BUt what temperature and for how long!

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    lauren, this is just ingredients not a recipe!! really want to make this on the weekend but ya girl needs instructions

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    omg looks so yummyy!!!
    I’m seriously obsessed with banana bread, i think i made it at least once every month when i was in paris hahah

    xx shirley

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