Summer Jewelry Trends (and make your own!)

It’s time to start brightening up our lives. I’ve been obsessing nonstop over summer trends while being stuck inside. I’m ready to break out my jewelry again and spice things up. My two favorite summer jewelry trends (besides gold staples obviously) are beaded and pearl pieces. You’ll definitely be seeing your favorite IG girls rocking these trends so during all my online browsing I put together my favorites for you to shop. If you don’t feel like spending the money and want a new hobby, a lot of these trends are super easy to make on your own. I linked everything I got on Amazon to make my own bracelets for you guys as well!

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Necklaces


More Pearls

Make your own!


Featured image: Nitsanraiter

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  1. Hi! If you’re reading this I’m bugging Bc I’m obsessed with you. I’m 15 yo and started a jewelry business called Charmed Life Jewelry. Check me out on insta! I would love to send you some stuff because you’re my biggest inspiration. Let me know and would love to be featured!

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