Prepare For Holiday Gift Shopping!

Before you even tackle the adventure of gift giving, let’s get your shit together. Shall we?! I’ve only been an adult for about six years now, but gift giving as an adult is 100% different than when the holiday’s were just about Santa.

If only Santa really did all the shopping. Luckily, I LOVE shopping and gift giving. I haven’t gotten it down to a perfect science yet. Last year I definitely waited too long to go shopping and regretted not doing it before I went home to see my family. So this year, I am determined to have it all mapped out and done in advance!

Here is how I prepare for my gift giving!

Make a List

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Classic Santa right there. I like to make a list of everyone and anyone I’ll need a gift for. When you’re out shopping it’s easy to see something and think of someone and grab it. However, if you don’t see something, you might be forgetting someone! So I make a list of every person that needs a holiday gift. I’m very generous if I do say so myself (I just love this time of year!) so the list gets long. On the list, I’ll write notes like – Get before going home! , One nice thing!, Deliver to office! – then group people in by who they are or where they live. Sounds like a lot but is super helpful since everyone has different needs!

The Pre Shopping

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I love the pre shopping because it’s all about gift wrap, cards, tissue paper, and anything else you’ll need for your packages! You can also make a list of things such as how many cards – I do a mix of personal and then get a pack of just standard Happy Holidays!. Maybe you need tape, ribbon, scissors, bags, paper, pens. Write it down, and go get in the holiday spirit!

 Online browsing

Since it’s still early, it’s super easy to get ahead on shopping (and use coupons!) online. I like to start browsing on website’s gift guides for inspo! My gift guide is coming soon too! This also helps you remember people, start placing orders, and know where you need to go! For instance, I saw a bunch of cute little things on Urban Outfitters but decided I’m just going to add it to my shopping list and browse IRL.


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A great and easy thing to do online is personalization. Start your search for jewelry, blankets, phone cases, anything that you can personalize and get ordered before the holidays. I love nothing more than engraving or monogramming something to make it special!  


Holidays get expensive so start finding coupons. My favorite way is the Honey Plug In for Google Chrome because it automatically runs every coupon possible for you when you’re at check out. Then look online for stores that are doing deals as well just in case you shop IRL


If you go home for Christmas like me, try and shop early, wrap, and pack! That way you’ll know if you need to ship stuff and how much you can fit in your carry on! It sounds crazy but honestly it was crazier having me run around behind my family’s back buying gifts on break!

My Holiday Guide’s will be coming soon in category form like last year! I’ll be posting on here and Instagram! Happy Holidays!



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  1. I always go to target to take care of my wrapping needs. Love The idea of ordering early to have it personalized, I love them and never thought that others probably do too!

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