New Year, New Things

Am I addicted to buying things? Possibly. But are these things necessary for me to start my new year? 100%! Don’t knock it till ya try it y’all. Nothing motivates me and gets me excited like something FRESH and NEW! But these things are actually apart of most of my new year’s goals. I’m going to do a whole video and podcast about the new year because I am feeling super motivated. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because last year was kind of rocky, but I truly am in the new year spirit this January. So don’t be a Debbie Downer. Utilize all the new year goal content coming your way and feel motivated and inspired. What’s the worst that could happen?

Here is what’s either in my shopping cart or recently utilized for this new year thang. I got my Kindle before the break and shockingly am obsessed. I never thought I would like reading on a tablet but here I am! It’s honestly so much easier to read and read MORE. I highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon if one of your new year’s goals is to read more. When did reading more every make anyone less successful? Spoiler alert: never.

Two of the products you see are Magnesium based. I have this weird obsession with Magnesium as if it’s going to cure all my problems. Magnesium is something we are totally deficient in no matter what you eat. Magnesium is known for better sleep, calming, digestion, and it’s anti-inflammatory factors. It’s not just helpful it’s necessary. I love the Nue Co. spray bottle for direct skin contact on my stomach and I love magnesium pills and supplements at nighttime. I recommend magnesium to ALL of my friends and everyone feels so much better.

The next two things on my list are reusable bottles. I’m finally hopping on the Hydro Flask train NOT because I want to be a VSCO girl but because I want to drink more water and use less plastic. I almost bought one right before the New Year but got lazy and laziness is NOT cutting it in 2020! My girlfriend also yelled at me for having a Starbucks cup today and is making me get a Keep Cup for my morning lattes. I’m not mad about it, it’s honestly really cute and I’m trying to make more of my food and beverage at home so it’s a win-win.

Speaking of at home, I’m getting back on my wellness as you can tell. Not sure what my excuse is for spending 12 months in a funk but here we are! I’ve started doing morning lemon water and apple cider vinegar for my metabolism. If you hate ACV as much as most people, these ACV pills are amazing. They’re way easier to consume those amazing benefits! I’m also a new Matcha addict. My mom drinks it every morning instead of coffee and swears it’s changed her metabolism and just feels better. So I got on the train and don’t plan on getting off. The benefits of this green powder are freaking crazy. I also love some matcha in my smoothie so I’m declaring 2020 the year of the Matcha for me and I suggest you do too.

Finally, organization. I got my place organized a year ago and needed a little spruce up throughout. I got new organizers for my nightstand to keep me in a more productive morning and night routine. I got a planner to stay present and productive. And I got a pillbox to make sure I take my meds and vitamins so I have no excuses. It’s such a good feeling cleaning out those drawers you use constantly and makes it much easier to have a healthier routine.

So are you ready for the new year? No time like the present!

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