New Year, New Me

Any way I start this post is going to sound like a cliche. But I guess that’s the beautiful part about New Years anyway! “New Year New Me!” “I can’t believe it’s already a New Year!”

Well what can I say! These cliches are actually really resonating with me as we approach 2018. #Basic #Don’tEvenCare

I want to start by saying I obviously don’t want a totally NEW me in 2018. I like me! But, I am totally here for some self improvements! That said, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in all the things we want to change in the New Year and feel like we have to perfectly implement them on January 1st. Be kind to yourself and take your time. You have 365 days to figure it out.

First things first as we stroll into 2018 make sure to reflect. Remind yourself of all the amazing things that have happened in your life this year. I set so many goals for myself and feel like I accomplished a great bunch. I worked my ass off, fell in love with my best friend, had the most epic game nights, made tons of new friends, and grew as a person. I think it’s safe to say 2017 was an amazing year. (Minus the all the controversial topics I won’t get into right now. ;))

As for 2018, a year that sounds like it should’ve only existed in Phil Of The Future (am I old? Is that a horrible reference?) I have quite a few resolutions I am excited to get home to!

I mentioned I fell in love this year and let me tell you, love is incredible but I think it’s scientifically proven you gain weight from it. What can I say, I can’t get out of bed and leave that handsome boy just laying there when I could snuggle him for two more hours! YUP. Very guilty of not growing out of the morning honeymoon phase. I love him so much!!! But I also love my body and I haven’t seen real abs in 12 months. (This is not an over exaggeration.) Therefore, my main New Year’s resolution is what I like to call, FITNESS QUEEN TWENTY EIGHTEEN! I can’t wait to get back to eating a clean diet, only treating myself when I deserve it, and working out majority of the week! There’s nothing better than “feelin’” yourself and you don’t get it by sleeping in. Also, everyone knows the early bird gets the worm in general sooo…. Get up and GET IT DONE!

I also feel like this correlates to so many little things I want to continue to implement in my everyday routine. Fun fact, my favorite belief of mine is that success is a sum of the small things you do each day, nothing great happens over night. So remember that going into the New Year.

I want to continue reading at least one book a month. I try and technically do two because I count one for fiction and one for non-fiction. I like to make sure I’m getting a healthy dose of something self help-y plus the reality-escape of a good thriller.

Skincare is BAE. Yup I said it! I went through quite a few months of 2017 where my skin went to hell. It was NOT pretty as you could tell by my vlogs. Recently I became obsessed with long skincare routines and facials again thank goodness and I feel so much better. I love taking care of my skin and now that I got myself through the breakouts I’m back into the swing of things. P.s This includes drinking a TON of water.

Speaking of hating my break out’s, STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF LAUREN! Damn did I spend a good chunk of 2017 comparing myself to others and not feeling good enough. How lame is that! I have to admit it because I’d hate for someone to feel like they’re alone in this. We truly have so much pressure in this day and age because of the media and social media in general. In 2018, I will no longer compare myself to anyone else’s beauty, we are all a little ugly. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all beautiful, but I think it’s funny reminding yourself, we’re all a little ugly!! I mean c’mon, there is not one person EVERY person thinks is perfect. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.The girl you think is pretty is thinking about her flaws too. So focus on YOUR treasure. We all have flaws it’s just easier to pick apart our own. Let’s stop thinking the grass is greener on the other Instagram.

Balance. Balance is key. It’s easy to get caught up in things that really matter and focusing too much time on them but also don’t matter and wasting too much time on them. A 2018 resolution of mine is to continue to  focus on balance. Get my snuggle time in, my girl time in, my work time in, family FaceTime, Stella time, the whole thing. It’s all about balance! You don’t have to feel guilty about “having” to do things, you just have to make sure your balancing them and the time will come when you have it.

Consistency. Consistency is KEY and consistency is SEXY. Nothing great is going to happen if you do it a few times, feel good, and then stop. I’m not saying you have to be perfect, you’re allowed to mess up. But there is a definitive difference between this: accidentally missing a day vs. thinking you’ve done enough and not realizing you have to get back on the horse till you’ve already completely fallen off. Lots of metaphors. But I hope you get the point. KEEP GOING! Don’t just work out in January, get fit, then spend February binging, come March you’ll be starting all over feeling like shit. Fact. Ups and downs are life but let’s get the up’s outweighing the downs with some consistency shall we?

See, this is all everyday stuff! Nothing we can’t do in 2018! The New Year doesn’t have to be scary it can be exciting! And I for one am excited! So hold me accountable for my shit.


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