New Year, New Me. Maybe.

New Year, New Me! The classic thought we all have going into another year. Honestly, I’m all for fresh starts and settings goals. So if you have the urge to say New Year, New Me! GO FOR IT GURL! I’m so excited for a New Year. I was looking back on 2018 and thought, ‘wow that was interesting.’ Sometimes, time flies and you don’t realize how much you went through or accomplished. This year I wanted to be super proactive. It’s so easy to get caught up in being frustrated and not achieving your goals, it’s human. The New Year is the perfect time to reset your mind and energy. Since I got so sick over the Holiday’s, TIS’ THE SEASON!, my new year planning is clearly a little behind. But there’s no time like the present they say!


I wanted to share with you all some of my goals for inspo, and how I mapped out my year so far. It was so rewarding actually putting a pen to paper and holding myself accountable for specific things, not just thinking them and crossing your fingers. I mapped out my New Year’s commitments (key word commitments not resolution’s) in a few categories. I got inspired by Keltie from The Lady Gang because this is how she mapped it out on their podcast. She did: Love, Family, Home, Business, Money, Travel, Self Care, Health, and Silly. Those were the categories I decided to follow as well! It was so fun dividing up my commitments and getting them all organized!

I say commitments because I think it’s stronger than resolutions. Here are a few I’ll share with you guys!

 Love: Be more fun and spontaneous. It’s easy to just want to stay in and not just get up and go to a movie after you’ve been dating for two years, having more fun is definitely something I wanted to put in my love category. 

 Family: Prioritize time and communication with my family. I’m a workaholic and it’s easy to use that as an excuse to not see or call my family as much. But the holiday’s were so special and I know this year I want to spend more time prioritizing my family.

Home: Live in a house! Ah! I’m so excited I already committed to this right when 2019 started. I feel like it’s time for me to live in a home and have a yard for my dogs. Have more space and have a fresh start! 

Business: I set a ton of specific goals for business but the biggest one was structure. When you’re self employed it’s easy to get off track. So implementing structure is a big goal of mine for 2019 that I’m excited about.

Money: My grandpa always says, “Save, Save, Save!” And he’s right. This year I’m committing to no emotional shopping. It’s so easy to just swipe and feel good in the moment, but do I really need it? No emotional shopping for me!! 

Travel: My commitment this year is to not get off track when I travel. I usually just drink wine and skip half my skin care routine, no working out! Travel is something I have to do, so I need to force myself to stay in routine. It feels so much more rewarding afterwards too.

Self Care: More spa time! It sounds silly but facials and massages improve my skin & help my muscle pain. So it really is self care not just pampering. And it’s super healthy me time to have. 

Health: Being a fake adult, it’s easy not to actually go to the doctor. So keeping up with my health is my commitment this year.

Silly: One of my “silly” goals is keeping my hair healthy!! LOL. One was also feeling pretty every day. See, it sounds silly. But! So many days I don’t try and I just feel like shit. And life is too short to feel bad about yourself. 

What are your New Year’s goals?! Write them down!! Find a new routine. Implement new goals and habits into your life. It truly is the small things in life that add up to happiness and success. Nothing great happens over night so start today!!

So excited for more blog posts this year so get ready! See you on IG! @LaurenElizabeth



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  1. This was so helpful! I really like the layout you put your commitments in, and the idea to call them that instead of resolutions. you are using your voice in a remarkable way.

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