New House Haul!

Hi my home lovers! As promised, here is a haul of all the NEW things I’ve purchased for my house! Anything that is older, I don’t have links for but I got the good stuff covered!! I love how the house is coming together so far and I love how much YOU guys love it!

Starting with all my new bedding, I finally feel like I sleep in a hotel bed. Seriously it’s like a CLOUD! I asked someone at Bed Bath and Beyond what the BEST pillow is and she said UGG. I was like ???!! UGG?! Yup. It is INSANE and I don’t let anyone else use it! Then I did some research and found Silvon Sheets that are lined with silver and kill bacteria. Basically they are self cleaning sheets so they stay super fresh. They are cooling and soft. I’m in heaven. Lastly, I found a new trendy comforter that is 100% worth the hype called Buffy. It is the softest comforter I’ve ever owned. This is all making me want to get back in bed.

For Rugs you guys know my new obsession is Ruggable. They are all machine washable are so well priced. They have the cutest designs and they’re the ONLY rugs I bought for my new place. Super easy to wash as well seeing as my dogs have totally already peed on them. It’s so nice knowing that when there’s an accident it literally doesn’t even matter I just throw it in the wash!

Then here are some details of furniture I have purchased and love!

Stay tuned for the next moving vlog and more details!



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