Matcha Donuts

Yum, yum, YUM! These donuts are good and I feel like a professional baker. Kind of.

Ever since I’ve gotten my Kitchen Aid Mixer I’ve been playing around in the kitchen with new recipes! I played with a few different donut recipe’s and finally created one I love!

I wouldn’t say it’s healthy, but I used coconut oil & matcha so that counts for something right? Also, they’re baked not fried! I promise figuring out vegan donuts is my next mission!

My Donut Tips I wish I knew:

DO NOT frost the donuts until they are completely cooled off!

DO NOT make glaze with regular sugar, it has to be powdered!

Photo credit: Miki Ash

Yes, it’s been a learning experience, but honestly making donuts it’s way easier than it seems!

They are best served the day of and taste amazing so be careful alone with them!

Start by mixing all the dry ingredients, then add in all the wet ingredients! I use mini donut trays so this makes about three rounds! Only fill up each donut about half way because they will rise. When done, set each baked donut on a cooling rack with tin foil under neath. Once donuts are completely cool, mix the powdered sugar and matcha together, then add teaspoons of hot water until a nice dipping consistency. Take the donuts face down into the glaze and swirl then flipped back over onto the rack to cool!

Make for your friends, or for yourself! But most importantly ENJOY!

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