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One of my latest obsessions in home decor is the bar cart. If you asked me a year ago what a bar cart is I probably would’ve had no idea- but you don’t become a domestic Goddess overnight. I started doing my research and compiled the essentials you need for putting together a bar cart, created a vision of my perfect one, and began my shopping! I love my bar cart because it’s the perfect size to spice up some of that empty space in my apartment and it’s useful for storing the necessities for your beverages! When I have people over I can easily roll my bar cart to wherever I am entertaining people and they can help themselves! It makes hosting a lot easier and people are quite impressed! If you’re gonna drink, at least be classy about it! That’s my coping mechanism.

So, here are my bar cart essentials and inspiration photos! My bar cart isn’t completely done in my eyes because they are always changing and growing. So just remember to take your time and get the foundation down first. Then layer it to make it your own!

Your Bar Cart Check List!

  • A bar cart is always a good start…
  • Wine Glasses
  • Cocktail Glasses
  • Moscow Mule Cups
  • Fancy Straws
  • Whiskey Stones
  • Shaker
  • Tool Set
  • An Ice Bucket (I double this for a wine holder while not in use!)
  • Coasters
  • Glass Pens for Labeling!
  • SPIRITS! Let’s not forget the best and most important part.

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  1. I see that you host a lot of dinner parties, girls nights, etc. what are some of your essentials that aren’t too expensive to do? I love having my girls over but never know how to make it festive or cute.

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