At Home Skincare Haul

I went on a huge skincare shopping spree because what else is there to do when you’re stuck inside? Honestly, so far it was 100% worth it. These products are proving to be just as good as all their reviews! Yes, I read every single review so you didn’t have to.

I love the Sunday Riley’s Sulfur mask as a SPOT TREATMENT. I put it on overnight and wake up with either zero blemishes or VERY reduced. I don’t recommend using this as a mask because it is drying but if you just put it right on the pimple you should be good to go. The LED mask was also an amazing find. The only competitor is hundreds of dollars more so this is a really great deal. If you use it every day you will see results. Blue light for acne, and red light for well, everything.

Since I had a dermatitis outbreak, I’ve ditched the heavy creams for serums. These are some holy grail serums that I’m loving trying out.

My ultimate skincare must-have right now is, of course, sunscreen. I switch off between Neutrogena and Skin Ceuticals. Skin Ceuticals is a cult favorite as well that did not disappoint. I haven’t had any negative reactions to it and love the way it looks on. The Glow Screen is honestly just amazing for the glow. Yes, it’s sunscreen but I’m way more impressed with how fabulous it looks on.

For more deets, watch the vlog!




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