All Things Tanning & Starting a Business: An Interview With BeBronze Studio

Q: What made you decide to become a spray tan technician?

A: When I moved to LA 10 years ago…I realized 2 things almost instantly. The first, I love the west coast. The second, if I want to stay here … I. need. more. money. I had a full time career in the hospitality industry but needed a side hustle. I explored a few options and mobile spray tanning stuck! My intention of this being nothing more than a side hustle changed INSTANTLY the moment I picked up a spray gun and sprayed on “confidence” for my first client. I thought ….damn girl….you can make people feel beautiful, sexy and confident in under 10 minutes with this thing! And so…I began to build the little Be Bronze empire. In 2018 the universe connected me with my partner Anna (Anya) and our studio was born!

Q: what makes your spray tan solution better than others?

A: There are 3 things I look at when I evaluate solution. 1. Quality of ingredients…we need to be mindful of what goes ON our body as much as we care about what goes IN our body. 2. The color…duh! The perfect shade of bronze. and 3. Longevity. That tan needs to LAST girl. Over the years I have tried almost EVERY solution that is offered on the market. As I was spraying with them I did my homework for each solution. Using the 3 metrics I mentioned above, I evaluated each one. Some came out too orange, others came out too dark. Certain solution sprayed on flawlessly but cracked as soon as the next day. Our solution excels on all of those 3 points, and we made sure that we had a wide range of color bases because one color does not fit all.

Q: How long does your solution last? How long should a spray tan last in general?

A: Should our clients follow proper pre and post prep directions you can get 7-10 days out of a Be Bronze spray tan. Remember that a great spray tan is 50% you and 50% the technician. Help us, help you stay glowing by following our instructions!

Q: What are your tips on making a spray tan last all the way through?

A: Short showers with warm (not hot like you) water. No scrubbing, towel rubbing or anything else abrasive that may take your tan with it. Use a gel based body wash, not a cream based on. Moisturize with a tan extender starting day 3 post your tan, prior to that use a natural body moisturizer. Stay out of hot tubs and pools as chlorine strips the tan.

Q: What is the best way to prepare for a perfect spray tan?

A: Prepping the skin is so crucial for a great spray tan. Your skin is our canvas. Along with showering a minimum of 4 hours prior to your tan, yes you read that right… no showering right before as it leaves your pores open and affects how the spray tan solution sits on the skin.  Use a good body wash, many cleansers on the market contain ingredients that can dehydrate the skin or excessive oils that act as a barrier to the skin and prevent the tanning solution from properly reacting with the amino acids in the top layer of the skin. The result will be a lighter tan or worse…no tan at all.  For best results, purchase a that is pH balanced and just avoid soaps at all cost.

Q: What are the best exfoliators to use before and after?

A: Be Bronze Studio will be carrying a great exfoliating mitt soon that we recommend to each client that is simply used with water to get the remainder of your tan off. You may also use this mitt to prep the skin. The other thing we recommend is an oil free, gel based exfoliator that can be used with a regular washcloth. Insider tip:  soaking in an epsom salt bath with your washcloth or exfoliating mitt as a tool.

Q: Why are ingredients so important in a spray tan?

A: Ingredients are key to longevity, color and fade. Over the years I learned that cheap DHA (active ingredient in the solution that produces the color) along with the wrong ingredients can lead to a very bad color as well as cracking skin with a fade. I will always inspect a person’s skin tone and decide what solution is best suited for them. I decide between  a green base, a brown base or a violet one.

Q: What’s the most important ingredient to avoid when getting a spray tan?

A:  Besides Dove, (yes Dove is the WORST for a spray tan because its cream based.) I would say avoid showering and exfoliating too close to your appointment time. The ingredients in the solution are working with the PH levels of your skin and if you shower right before this will definitely affect your spray tan color and longevity.

Q: How did you know you wanted to open your own store?

A: Supply and demand friends! I had too many clients and wanted to accommodate all your appointment requests while creating a studio you love coming to! Our studio is a reflection of the Be Bronze soul and we welcome you to step in to our world and glow with us.

Q: Would you do a masterclass teaching other artist how to do the perfect spray tan and what the best techniques are?

A: Years ago I swore I would say no to this question, but I have quickly learned in this entrepreneurial process to never say never. Perhaps one day 🙂

Q: Should a spray tan be expensive?

A: The price of a spray tan is based on many factors. My suggestion is to research a few studios in your city and see what the median price point is at. If you notice a few service providers are way under median price or way over … do your research! Don’t economize on what goes on your body, but don’t overpay beyond a reasonable market price either.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future? Will you be launching your own products?

A: Absolutely.  Be Bronze Studio Brand has so much coming!

Q: what are your techniques that make a spray tan so flawless?

A: Since I have been in the spray tanning game for 9+ years now I have taken the time to truly educate myself and my equipment. I know my spray tan gun inside and out which I think is crucial.  I know if the solution is coming out too much, or if a client is getting over saturated and we need to turn the gun down. I also have perfected the spray near all the “risky” areas like the elbows, feet and hands.

Q: What is the best day of the week to get a spray tan?

A: The day of the week really depends on the day of your event or when you need a tan. The sweet spot is typically two days prior to any event so the color has time to truly develop. If its a wedding I tend to spray a bride 3 days prior to her wedding so it has time to set for her rehearsal dinner and the bronzer has enough time to come off so it’s not transferring off onto her dress.

Q: Do you prefer people get the express tan or the normal one?

A: This is a great question, for me when a client comes to Be Bronze I never ask what color they want to be first, I first ask what are you doing, where are you going and what are your plans later that day. All of this plays into what solution we are putting you in. If you have dinner plans that night, rapid it is. If you are a model and have a shoot the following day I tend to lean towards the 8 hour solution.

Q: Summer is coming up, what advice can you give to keep everyone looking tan and glowy during the summer?

A:  Stay away from tanning in the natural sun… it’s the ultimate recipe for aging prematurely! We’re here to keep you glowing all summer long…why risk it?!

Q: Is it challenging running your own business and being your own boss babe?

A:  For 9+ years I was running a mobile business all while working in the hospitality industry full time, so my schedule and life was pretty busy!. A year ago the universe brought me my now Business partner Ayna who truly is the ying to my yang. When I first met with Anya, I felt like she saw my vision right away and together we brought it to life! Everyday we face challenges and everyday we celebrate accomplishments. My biggest word of advice – take your time and make thoughtful decisions.

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