Travel is something I get more and more excited about every day. Just a few years ago I would dread the idea of packing up my things and leaving my apartment. But I’ve channeled my perfectionism relating to my home life, into my travel life because traveling is just inevitable. Bringing the right products, clothes, or gadgets, can make or break your vaycay. I’ve learned this the hard way by forgetting something and paying triple for whatever the hotel has to offer, or just not feeling my best self in a foreign place. Both equally emotionally traumatizing if you ask me. (I’m known to be dramatic).

I put together a handful of products I’ve been packing that I think are essential.

Products that are easy to use on the go & keep me balanced.


  1. MILK Makeup Cooling Water: I love the packaging of MILK products and the ingredients. Both are win for at home and on the go. Their cooling water is a best seller and de-puffs eyes in seconds. It’s super hydrating, feels great on the skin, and I honestly just lay it on thick wherever I’m feeling puffy. And when traveling, EVERYTHING feels puffy (which I hate).
  2. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum: If you haven’t heard of this holy grail product, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! The Truth Serum is my day one must have. It’s a powerful serum with Vitamin C and Collagen which is amazing for dryness and dullness. Think of it as your daily multivitamin for your face! Another product to keep your skin bright, tight, and hydrated.
  3. MILK Makeup Matcha Toner: The Matcha Toner (and cleanser honestly) are brand new and I’m obsessed. The ingredients like I said are amazing. Super natural and exactly what your skin craves. This product not only keeps your skin hydrated it does a lot of detoxifying which is great when traveling in foreign air through those gross plane vents.


Leave a comment below letting me know what category of travel essentials you want to see next!