One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read one book a month. Now if you’re an avid reader, you’re probably laughing at me. But if you’re long out of the educational system and no longer have a summer reading list, you’re probably all like, “KUDOS!” Yeah, kudos is right.

I think it’s more important now that I am an adult living in today’s digital age with no summer reading list to make sure I keep up with some light entertaining reading. Whether it does relate to my work/things I want to learn about or if it’s just for fun.

Summer is the perfect time to get some great reading in because you’re usually traveling on a plane or laying by a beach or just bored. OR YOU JUST LIKE READING. I don’t know your life.

What I do know is that these are some great books I have found and are popular for the summer.

The Rules Do Not Apply is a well written memoir about a woman who simply thinks the rules of life as a woman do not apply to her. She goes through some serious stuff but for some reason didn’t leave me depressed. Maybe not a light beach read but a plane read.

The Rules Do Not Apply

Perennials is described as a perfect summer read and a story of female friendship. Two things I love dearly.


The Answers was recommended on almost every major magazine page I keep up with. A book about a girl running out of options and living life differently. I’m down for that.

The Answers

Sour Heart is exciting because it’s the first book from Lena Dunham’s imprint. Through the eyes of Chinese American Girls you experience all things it is to grow up in a city like New York and simply just in life.

Sour Heart