After years in California I finally have been taking the time I deserve to relax at the beach. The beach is honestly my favorite place. My little sister will yell at me that I’m “SO boring and only want to lay at the beach.” Listen little sis, when you grow up all you do is WORK, “just laying at the beach” is all I need to be happy in my free time. Side note: I’m also a water sign and feel that might have something to do with my love for the beach.


I spent ALL weekend at the beach with my boyfriend and our friendsĀ since I was off from work. I finally bought a super cute beach bag and let me tell you, this was the game changer. I stuffed that thing FULL with anything I thought would come in handy. Guess what, it did! Having so many little things all the way out at the beach was SO NICE. It took my beach day to a whole new level of perfection.

I’m also going to be traveling throughout the rest of the summer so now I know exactly what I love having. If you’re still beaching or traveling, you definitely want to consider stocking up your beach bag like I did.

First things first, the bag. I love this beach tote that is big enough to be a Mary Poppins bag but cute enough to want an Instagram with it every five seconds.

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I packed my Ole Henriksen So Nurturing Cleansing Cloths because I had a bit of makeup on from brunch. I never like to have makeup on my skin when I don’t need to, but especially while sweating and being in the water at the beach. I packed the cloths from the Nurturing collection to keep my skin hydrated and well, nurtured! The beach & sun can be harsh but cleansing the right way helps. Also these cloths are great to have in your bag for post beach clean up!

I brought the KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil with me for the first time and had to stop myself from using the whole bottle! The ingredients are incredible and organic. After I let my sunscreen sink into my skin inside, I went down to the beach with the oil and used it to nourish and hydrate my typically dry skin. My skin loved it and I was glowing. This is definitely a product I want to use at home as well as the beach. If you didn’t know, KORA is Miranda Kerr’s new line and I’m obsessed with her for obvious reasons, this being my latest and greatest.

Another fabulous health and wellness guru approved skincare line is TATA HARPER. I just started using a sample size starter kit of her best sellers and wow. This stuff is the real deal. 100% Natural and 100% worth the splurge at Sephora. I’ve been keeping the smallest size of her Hydrating Floral Essence mist in all of my bags. When I picked a girl who works at Sephora’s brain, she explained to me how this mist contains many more ingredients to benefit your skin than other expensive mists such as Caudalie. Especially in the summer, misting your face with all the goodies is my favorite thing to do, so if you haven’t hopped on that train I insist you try!

I’ve also been trying natural deodorants because my inner health and wellness guru is forcing me to, duh. I like to bring the travel size of this MALIN + GOETZ Eucalyptus Deodorant everywhere I go. Some days I need to use regular deodorant because I just haven’t found a strong enough substitute. (Although this MALIN + GOETZ one is really great.) By having this in my bag, if I need to reapply at least I know I’m using the good stuff and it works! Being at the beach and obviously sweating, having this was all I needed to freshen up and keep it natural.

I love bringing a ton of my own purified water to the beach to stay hydrated. I always mix some sort of beauty supplement in for an extra boost! This weekend I used my Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water in Melon Mint. It enhances your skin hydration, elasticity, and firmness! Collagen is simply amazing for you. I love that they came out with these beauty waters so I don’t always have to mix in their supplements with a filling smoothie. This also comes in 12 pack packets for on the go and a couple more flavors!

I don’t wear any makeup on the beach so I got nothin’ for ya in that department! But other than that don’t forget your favorite book or some head phones for your faveĀ audio book! WEAR SUNSCREEN!! And have fun! Being prepared IS FUN GUYS! Just try it.

What are your beach bag essentials?! Leave a comment below and let me know if you get anything on my list!